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Free Wifi

The program is developed in cooperation with blockchain, protocols, DAOs, private companies and state entities.
With an average requirement of 5 years of operations, this program consists of expanding internet connection access for the local population in exchange for the permission of those involved to explore data in a consenting way and through monetization with advertising and publicity.
We currently have research and interest from 5 major cities in Latin America in the program. The City of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Buenos Aires and Bogotá.


One of the main peculiarities of South America is its extensive territory, this is a big problem when we think about the State’s inability to deal with these populations when they are far from its main cities and capitals.
As a result, for example, in Brazil there are 3 million people who do not have any type of identity, they cannot participate in the country’s policies, education programs, health programs and financial assistance.
With Continent DAO’s efficient management, DID technology and a great engagement process, perhaps these people can be NEAR Citizens, Ethereum Citizens [...] even before they are citizens in the countries they inhabit.
Of course, all this is not easy at all, a lot of research and study will have to be done, a lot of technology will have to be developed (privacy, smart contracts, DIDs), financing and creating a sustainable economy for the project.
Brazil is the richest country in South America and we find this same problem throughout Latin America.
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